Spend the night in one of these 11 Haunted Hotels

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The Equinox

3567 Main St, Manchester, Vermont

Have a haunted stay in Vermont! Perhaps you will be visited by Mary Todd Lincoln’s ghost! Mrs. Lincoln and a small child are said to be seen roaming the hotel. Peak around the corners, and listen for whispers, you might just get to meet a ghost. While on your road trip in Vermont, stay at The Equinox; it may just be the highlight of your trip! See More

1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa

75 Prospect Ave, Eureka SpringsArkansas

In Arkansas check out the Crescent Hotel and Spa built in 1886! This hotel is rich in history and dripping in the paranormal. Once known as a “cancer curing hospital” being ran by a charlatan doctor, it is now a “symbol of hospitality. Though it has had a face lift this old hotel still holds dark secrets. There is no telling how many souls now roam these halls. Spend a night in America’s Most Haunted hotel! See More

The Liberty Hotel

215 Charles St. Boston, Massachusetts

What used to be the Charles Street Jail is now a luxury hotel with a undertone of paranormal activity. Get the whole experience with the guided tour and complimentary Champagne toast. Then get tucked in for a night of haunted intrigue. See More

The Stanley Hotel

333 E Wonderview Ave, Estes Park, Colorado

Book your stay at The iconic Stanley Hotel in one of their “spirited rooms”. The Staley Hotel is known for being Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining, and now you get to spend the night in Suite 217! Before bed take a guided tour of The Stanley Hotel in the ambiance of night. Have the unique experience of exploring these haunted grounds with a knowledgeable tour guide. Be prepared for some paranormal encounters. Add this one to your Colorado Bucket List. See More

 The Marshall House

123 E Broughton St, Savannah, Georgia

The Marshall House once functioned as a civil war soldiers hospital, and endured 2 yellow fever epidemics. The Marshall House isn’t just a hotel it is an experience. Stories speak of children running down the halls, faucets turning on, on their own; ghost spotting’s in the foyers, and more. In a city full of ghost stories, spend the night with Savannah’s friendliest ghosts at The Marshall House! See More

Omni Parker House

60 School St, Boston, Massachusetts

Does being asked by the former caretakers ghost, “are you are enjoying your stay?” entice you? Well if so – this the place for you to hit the brakes and spend a night, or two, in Boston! Get a room on the 10th floor and maybe you’ll get to see Harvey Parker ghost. The hotel’s founder is said to frequent the 10th floor’s halls. So, come stay, and let him know if you have in fact – enjoyed your stay! See More

Old Jail Inn

127 S Jefferson St, Rockville, Indiana

Stay in an actual jail cell! Hear footsteps from ….no-one. Perhaps from a past inmate wanderer? You never know who may be roaming – but it could be a fascinating spooky nights stay – your choice – behind bars! See More

The Don CeSar

3400 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, Florida

This is a broken hearted love story haunting. Here you may see the young couple from times past strolling the grounds. You might not have come to Florida for the paranormal but at The Don CeSar that is exactly what you’ll find. Enjoy the beach and the haunted halls at this oceanside hotel! See More

The Queen Mary

1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, California

This stay is voted “one of the top 10 most haunted places on earth,” by Time Magazine. Check out stateroom B340 for some fun paranormal activities. Perhaps a knock on the door from no-one, knocks on the wall, covers pulled off – doors slamming. It all sounds fun and enticing doesn’t it? Have a stay here while roaming California and let Road Trip Owl know just “how WAS your stay?” See More

The Pfister Hotel

424 E Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Fun stuff happens here! Televisions turn on by themselves, knocks on doors and walls – you never know what activity you may encounter while trying to catch some zzzz’s at The Pfister Hotel! While road tripping through Milwaukee book your stay at this haunted hotel. See More

The Hollywood Roosevelt

7000 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, California

Said to be haunted by Marilyn Monroe this is where all the famous people stay! Many actors and actresses’ have hung their hats here for a rest – so you may as well too. A chance to see Marilyn is a chance everyone would like to take I am sure. Ghost or not. While in Los Angeles book your stay at The Hollywood Roosevelt! See More

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