Florida Road Trip Itinerary

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Photo By Brittany Butters

Manatee Viewing Center

The Manatee Viewing Center is FREE even parking is free. You can see sharks, tarpon, Manatees and stingrays in the wild! In the winter months late December thru February they come in to enjoy the warm waters the electric company makes. They even have a gift shop. After you stop at the stingray touch pool you can make your way to the butterfly gardens. This is a must see! Where else can you go see manatees in the wild or touch a stingray for free?! Going in the winter months will have you coming back to see more! Read More

Teco Line Street Car

This is just cool; a Street car you can go on for Free! Perfect for getting around Tampa. There are 11 stops on the street car. You can get to the Florida Aquarium, Museums, the Pirate Water Taxi, tons of shopping and dining. The car itself is a fun ride. If you have a huge group: a wedding party, holiday party, maybe a birthday party; you can rent a private Street car. I say just jump on and take a tour and get off where it looks fun and enjoy your day! Read More

Tarpon Springs

A great small town, take a walk down Dodecanese Boulevard, and see one side filled with little gift shops and the other has a couple shops, dolphin tours, smoothies (they are delicious and cool you down on a hot day) and in the middle are the Sponge Docks. There are boats that are docked and you can see the men and women gauging the sponges into piles to sell. It is cool to see how they actually do it. There are quite a few Greek restaurants due to Greek sponge divers settling here in the 1900’s. If you are looking for a little bit of free history you can go to the Spongeorama Sponge Factory. This is a fun 2 hours at least, but you could take your time, take a tour, and easily spend the day here. Read More

Photo by Alice Daniels

Marco Island

A great island with great beaches and a great sunset view. If you can stay here that’s great (it’s a little pricier than off the island) if not it’s also a nice place to stop. Tigertail Beach is awesome. You wade thru the water (make sure you watch the tide) to get to an island and then you get to a huge beach with more shells than you can imagine. They also have a trike tour and they have a dolphin viewing, birding, and shelling tours. The beach parking gets full quick and they have a timer on them so try to park somewhere else or don’t plan on staying all day. I like to drive 41 over to Miami so I can see all the alligators. I have never went 75 so I cant say they are not there but I do know I saw more than you could count on 41 in the winter months. Not so much in November or the end of March. Read More


There is so much to do here. Weather your staying on the ocean, in a airbnb, motel or your just driving thru there is plenty to see. Wynwood Art District is an amazing place with all kinds of art. It is a town with the buildings painted. It is free with a lot of other things in this part of town. It is not right down town with all the hussel and bussel. Read More

Photo By Alice Daniels


You have made it to the keys! Robbie’s is a great place to stop! You can do shopping at all the little unique gift shops and even have lunch and a drink at the Thirsty Tarpon Bar. This is one of them bars you can post a dollar on the wall or ceiling. Don’t forget you note on it. Now, you NEED to FEED the TARPON! You can buy fish at the entrance of the dock to hand feed the tarpon. It is awesome! Even if you choose not to feed the tarpon you should still go out and watch the others feed them. They are huge and it is fun to watch. Read More

Key West

Save time in key west for just walking around. It is a cool place and you might not find yourself here again anytime soon. They have the southernmost buoy that is a must see and if you are a selfie person this is the spot. This is also within walking distance to Mallory Square. There are a few strips of unique shops and bars that have live music. They also have a clothing optional bar if you are interested in that :). Then you will need to make sure you get to Mallory Square for the sunset. After sunset the feel is different. Before sunset you kind of do what you want then once the sunsets it’s more of a group feel. Like watching the street performers, eating at a restaurant, or drinking. I can’t really name the change but it is definitely worth sticking around after sunset. The street performers come out, and they are always fun to watch. Motels on Marathon island and I’m sure other islands are cheaper than Key West. It is also a option to drive back out of the keys and get a very reasonable room. Sunset in the winter is early so it’s not like you would have to drive all night. Read More

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