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Take a break from Disney and explore beautiful Florida. Start your Day Trip by petting stingrays, and watching manatees. You have to visit the beach while your in the sunshine state so head to Caspersen Beach for a day full of swimming and shark tooth hunting! Enjoy an island drive, and a lovely dinner, before taking in the sunset on gorgeous Anna Maria Island. Get out of Orlando on this fun-filled, free, road trip!

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Orlando, Florida

Depart: 8:30am

Before you leave make sure to eat breakfast, pack a picnic, gas up the car, and start your GPS. It’s time for a road trip!

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Manatee Viewing Center

Arrive: 10am – Depart: 11:30am

Let’s start this road trip off with some free fun. Welcome to the Tampa Electric Companies manatee sanctuary. The viewing center is only open in the winter months, because the heat from the electric company warms the cold water attracting manatees and other wildlife. When you arrive take a walk along the boardwalk to see manatees, tarpon, sharks, and more all in their natural habitat. The coolest thing about the Manatee Viewing Center however is the stingray pool! For Free; you get to pet stingrays. Everyone will have fun gathering around the pool trying to catch a feel of the stingrays while they swim by. Once you’ve had your fun check out the Manatee Wax machine, the gift shop, and snack bar; before hitting the road.

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Caspersen Beach

Arrive: 12:30pm – Depart: 4:30pm

Isn’t everyone’s whole purpose of going to Florida, is to go Shark Tooth Hunting! Maybe it’s just us, but either way, your gonna have some fun! Change into your bathing suit at the nice clean restrooms. Grab your towels, chairs, picnic, sifter, and treasure keeper. This beach can get crowded so the earlier you get here the better. Grab a spot to set up shop, and get yourself situated. Take a dip before eating lunch and then let the fun begin. Sit your chair in the shallow water and fill your sifter with sand. Shake your sifter under water until all the sand washes out, then search through the remaining, shells, rocks, and shark teeth for the perfect treasures. Enjoy the afternoon at the beach, don’t forget the sunscreen! When you start to get hungry pack up the car and begin the second half of this adventure.

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Longboat Key

Passing Through 5:30pm

Take in your surroundings while you drive through through the beautiful Longboat Key. To keep us on our scenic route don’t forget to add Longboat key to your GPS. To make sure your on the right path use the planned route at the end of this post.

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Wicked Cantina

Arrive: 5:40pm – Depart: 7:00pm

Enjoy unique mexican cuisine beach side. A fresh, thirst quenching, margarita is calling your name! Enjoy complimentary chips and salsa, as well as live music while you wait for your delicious meal. Save your left overs for your late night road trip snack and lets get back on the road.

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Bean Point Beach

Arrive: 7:30pm – Depart: 8:30pm

There’s no place better than Anna Maria Island to watch the sunset. Florida is known for their amazing sunsets, and Bean Point Beach is the perfect place to take it in. Check out the pier and the seaside shops while you wait. A little ice cream maybe while you watch natures show. Maybe one more ocean dip before you head home. Windows down, music blaring, enjoying the drive is all part of the road trip magic.

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Orlando, Florida

Arrive: 11:00pm

What an amazing day! What are you going to do tomorrow? Check out more Orlando Day Trips here

Enjoy a family day trip, a romantic day date, or a friendly road trip, whoever you go with, your all going to have a great time! Check out our What to pack list, the pre-planned google route, and our other Orlando Day Trips. Happy Travels 🙂

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