How can I afford a Vacation? Here are 9 ways to help afford your dream Vacation!

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People ask me all the time, how can you afford to vacation so much? I always tell them I am CHEAP, that’s how. Here are 9 ways I make my vacation dollars go farther.

Stay with friends and family

Take a look at friends and family you might have that live in other towns. Start looking for a new adventure there and you might be surprised on how many options you really have.

Travel with Friends and Family

Traveling with others cuts costs a lot! You can save 50% or even 75% when your splitting expenses. I like to travel with 4 people most of the time. It fills the car comfortably, you can sleep 4 in a motel room no issues, and you can split the gas and motel 4 ways.

Pack a Cooler

Packing a cooler can save you a ton of money. It can also help you eat healthy and stop less.

Hocking Hills State Park Road Trip Itinerary

Don’t pay to do things

If you do your research you can usually find awesome free things to do on vacation. I rarely pay for attractions and I stay busy my whole vacation and honestly the best things are always free! Check out our whole page dedicated to free things to do, click here


I have to mention points. Basically any credit card now can earn you travel points. If you don’t have or want credit cards most credit unions offer points. Some you have to ask for, and some you just automatically get signed up for just by having an account. Certain gas station offer gas cards and those earn you free gas among other things. Load up your gas card before hitting the road and let your money earn you money. I always look for ways to earn points for gift cards to purchase, gas, food, and lodging like the Fetch app. There are a ton of different point earning avenues, find out what ones will work for you and get earning!

Day Trips

Day trips are severely under rated. Save money on hotels by staying at home. Start with a 2 hour drive radius from your house and work out from there. Every state in the United States has a ton to offer, and we typically explore our home state the least of all. Get out and enjoy nature, learn what you like to do, hiking, shopping, eating, swimming, car shows, farmers markets? When on a budget stay close to home, and learn to love the drive as much as the destination.


Yes of course you are still going to have to save for that dream vacation. You could have a yard sale or just sell your stuff on the internet. Cut back on splurges and find ways to save. Start a vacation fund at your bank, like you do for Christmas; put a little away each check for your yearly vacation. Don’t go in debt to go on vacation, make your dream vacation fit in your budget, not the other way around!

Hotel points

Hotels have points that can earn you free stays. IHG® Hotels & Resorts, Best Western Rewards®, Choice Privileges, Hilton Honors, Radisson Rewards Americas, Wyndham Rewards, are some of the rewards programs. It is best to sign up as soon as you can so you can get the best deal on hotels when you are shopping around. Some have points you can purchase. Its best to sign up and see your options.

Rent a house

You can meet up with more families or friends and split the expense of the house. Vrbo, has amazing house rentals and even mansions. It is easy to get a private heated pool for your vacation when you rent a house.

Money comes and goes but memories last a life time. Plan your next adventure, find out how much it’s going to cost, and start budgeting. Look into all of these cost saving suggestions to get the most bang for your buck! It doesn’t have to be lavish to be a dream come true. Happy Travels 🙂


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