Gatlinburg, TN Day Trip

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Take a break from reality and explore beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Start your Trip by exploring downtown Gatlinburg, cross the Skybridge, drive the mountains, hike to waterfalls, watch live music, ride a ferris wheel, and eat at a retro dinner. Your next adventure is waiting, enjoy this fun-filled, action packed, road trip! Before you leave make sure to eat breakfast, pack a picnic, gas up the car, and start your GPS. It’s time for a road trip!

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Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Arrive: 9:00am

Start your Trip by exploring downtown Gatlinburg. Walk the strip and check out the shops, maybe stop at Ripley’s or an arcade, grab a snack, and take some pics. We’ll be back in a little bit.

Photo by Brittany Butters

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Arrive: 10:00am Depart: 11:00am

I know you’ve heard of the longest suspension bridge and you can’t go to Gatlinburg without walking across SkyBridge. Ride the ski lift over the road, river, and up the mountain; getting your picture taken along the way. Hop off the lift and take in the amazing view of the Smoky Mountains. When your ready walk across SkyBridge. Take the trail around and stop at the Tulip Tower. Wander back to the gift shop for a souvenir, then relax in a rocking chair taking in the view before heading back down the mountain.

Photo by Brittany Butters

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Newfound Gap Scenic Drive

Begin: 11:15am

Ready for a scenic drive through the mountains? Get ready to have your ears pop! This amazing scenic drive has many pull offs to take in the view. Be prepared to stop often. This one way road leads into North Carolina and has some amazing stops along the way. Find a spot along the way to stop and eat your picnic lunch.

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Clingmans Dome

Arrive:12:00pm Depart: 1:30pm

Your first stop along the scenic drive is the iconic Clingmans Dome. The Smoky Mountains get a lot of rain causing a lot of fog, giving the mountains their smoky appearance. So, be prepared for rain and low visibility. It is 1 mile round trip hike, but the vertical incline makes it pretty challenging. It’s a flat paved surface but its a hike. Even on a no visibility day, the amazing atmosphere and the thrill of achieving it makes the climb worth climbing.

Photo by Brittany Butters

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Mingus Mill

Arrive:2:15pm Depart: 2:45pm

Your next stop along this scenic drive is the old Mingus Mill. A beautiful spot in the Smoky Mountains, surrounded by forrest, an old Mill sits. Go inside and learn about this historic site before moving along.

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Mingo Falls

Arrive: 3:00pm Depart: 4:00pm

One of coolest stops of the day is Mingo Falls, a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the woods. The GPS will steer you wrong but they luckily have signs to guide you there. Follow the GPS until you start to see the street signs, you can’t miss them. Take the short but rugged hike to the base of an amazing waterfall. Take pictures from the bridge and climb off the beaten track to get in the waterfall. Enjoy the tranquility before moving on.

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Mellow Mushroom

Arrive: 5:00pm Depart: 6:30pm

Are we hungry yet?! Check out downtown Gatlinburg for the perfect restaurant. Our recommendation is Mellow Mushroom, a stone-baked pizza place with an eclectic, art-filled, and family-friendly environment. There are so many great restaurants in Downtown Gatlinburg so take a look around and pick what looks best to you!

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Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Stage

Arrive: 6:31pm Depart: 7:00pm

While your Downtown stop at the Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Stage. Take a seat in an incredibly comfortable chair and watch the live performance.

Photo by Brittany Butters

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Arrive: 7:01pm Depart: 8:00pm

Let’s take another trip to the Skybridge. Admission this morning is good all day so we might as well get our money’s worth. Take the ski lift up the mountain again and enjoy the view before hitting the road.

Photo by Brittany Butters

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The Island

Arrive: 8:30pm Depart: 10:00pm

Lets make our way to The Island in Pigeon Forge. Ride the Big Ferris Wheel, let the kids do the rope course, maybe hit up Build-A-Bear. Make sure to catch the fountain show and look around the cute shops.

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Mel’s Classic Diner

Arrive: 10:15pm Depart:11:45pm

What an awesome day! Let’s end it with a delicious late night meal at Mel’s Classic DIner. The perfect place to curve your late night craving. Enjoy your meal and head home. What are you going to do tomorrow? Check out more Day Trips here…

Enjoy a family day trip, a romantic day date, or a friendly road trip, whoever you go with, your all going to have a great time! Check out our what to pack list, the pre-planned google route, and our other Day Trips. Happy Travels 🙂

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