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Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest located in Clermont, Kentucky is nature at its best. If you love nature and art this is a must do on your Kentucky Bucket List! This is a very unique adult and kid friendly stop. With a kids playground like no other, a forest full of giants, a café with fresh out of the garden vegetables grown on site, a canopy walk, a view where you can see forever on a clear day, and hiking for everyone from the handicap to a seasoned hiker.

The wildlife and nature Education Center has an art gallery, exhibits and a wildlife viewing room where you can watch birds , small mammals and bees interact in their natural environment.

Check out the Fire Tower, the oldest structure you can climb at 961 feet tall. The reward for climbing the tower is one of the best views in the state.

The Canopy Tree Walk is a boardwalk that has you up 75 feet in the canopy of the trees. Come see what a birds eye view over the forest floor looks like.

Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest

The Forest of Giants is a art display where you can see giants made of recycled wood.

Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest

Isaac’s Café is the perfect place to get a snack or fresh meal after your day of play. They offer soups, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. The vegetables coming out of the Bernheim’s Edible Garden are sure to give you a great snack.

Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest

Public Art you can hike around. They have awesome one of a kind art sculptures, paintings, and other types of art on display.

Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest

Edible Garden is an amazing educational garden. The only living building challenge in Kentucky. It is built to meet the most rigorous sustainable design standards in the world.  This is a very educational garden. With Isaac’s Café using this for its fresh meals and snacks.

Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest

Trails and maps, with more than 40 miles of trails. Some for handicap and some for more serious hikers there is something for everyone. This is a perfect place to hike for anyone who likes hiking and loves art.

Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest

The Children’s Play Garden area is a very unique. With the regular playground equipment (slides and swings) it also has a natural play features (rolling hills, fossil-filled rocks, and a dry creek bed). This is a great place to let the kids use their imagination while playing.

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