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Grandfather Mountain
By Patrick Reynolds – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Mile High Swing Bridge

While there are many different things to do at Grandfather Mountain the Mile high Swing Bridge is what it is most known for. The bridge spans an amazing 228 feet and gives some amazing views as it is a whooping 1 mile in the air. That is also why its called the Mile High Swing Bridge. This is America’s Highest Swing Bridge. The elevation at the bridge is 5278 feet above sea level. You can walk up to the bridge or if walking up that far is not your thing then just jump in the elevator and take a ride up. Either way don’t forget your camera as the views from here are 1 of a kind and totally amazing.

Grandfather Mountain


The hiking at Grandfather Mountain is amazing. With easy to moderate hikes there is something for every skill level. Some of the hikes have you strolling thru gentle forests and some have you using ladders and cables to access the peaks. Whatever trail you decide you won’t be less than amazed at the views you will see. There are 16 distinct Natural Ecosystems, Witch are home to 73 rare or endangered species 32 of which are globally imperiled. So keep your eye out and your camera ready! You will also want to make sure you have plenty of water.

Make sure you stop at one of the many lookouts while in the area.

Other things in the park

  • Wildlife Habitats- including cougars, elk and more.
  • Wilson Center for Nature Discovery

In the Area

Overnight in the Area

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