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The Museum of Clean is located in Pocatello, Idaho. For a small admission fee you can come see a very unique museum. This is a 75,000 square foot museum that has a ton to see and learn. Some hand on exhibits and some please don’t touch.

Do you want to see an Orchestra?

Made out of, you guessed it cleaning equipment, you can see a whole orchestra.

Museum of Clean

Foot Cleaning

Check out foot cleaning history and take home some knowledge.


You might ask well how can plants clean. The air they clean the air. So come check out what plants clean what.

Museum of Clean

World’s Largest

Worlds largest what? Janitor of course. Standing at a whopping 20 foot tall. Out of the 1960s Big Don is also referred to as a muffler man.

Clean Library

Come look at a big collection of cleaning books. Some are available for purchase with signature.

Museum of Clean

Toilet Exhibit

Check out the toilet travel suitcase.

Chimney Sweeps

Stand in a mock-up chimney and see just how cramped the chimney sweepers were.

Museum of Clean

Vacuum Collection

Come see the world’s first vacuum cleaner. Which happens to be the only one in existence. There is a collection with hundreds of vacuums up for display.

Art Gallery

Come check out this art gallery where everything is cleaning related.

Museum of Clean
Museum of Clean

Kids Planet

This is designed for kids to come have fun and learn about cleaning in this positive environment.

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