Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

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“Remember the Past, Transform the Future” is the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center’s mission statement, and inspirational words for us all. Take in the history at the Holocaust Museum in Chicago, Illinois. Don’t forget the last friday of every month is free!

Inside the museum visit the Take a Stand Center and interact with holographic images of holocaust survivors. The museum also hosts about 40 events annual; programs include, panel discussions, lectures, live performances, films, and more. Bring the kids to the Make a Difference Youth Exhibit, a highly interactive space that uses tenants of character education to foster leadership skills.

Get a glimpse into the lives of holocaust survivors by viewing the over 20,000 artifacts once belonging to holocaust survivors in the museums collection. Things like house keys, children’s clothes, false polish-catholic identification cards, and more. Visit the Brill Family Resource Center, to do your own holocaust and genocide research, with over 13,000 resources at your disposal.

If we forget history we are doomed to repeat it, and the people responsible for the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center knew that, and wanted to preserve the history for generations to come. On your next road trip to Chicago, Illinois spend some time here at the Holocaust Museum.