Henry Vilas Zoo

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The Henry Vilas Zoo is located in Madison, Wisconsin. This is a 28 acre public zoo with free entry. Also part of the AZA Reciprocal Admissions Program. If you are unaware of the program make sure you take a look into it to save a ton of money on zoos and aquariums. This program has you buy a membership, it usually is a tiny bit more than the admission for 1 zoo or aquarium although it will cost a bit more than this free zoo :). It then gives members free or reduced admission to the more than 100 other zoos and aquariums.

More than 650 animals call the zoo their home. Over 115 spices and 20 endangered or vulnerable species. Some of the animals that live here are amur tiger, Bactrian camel, black and white ruffed lemur, aardvark, American flamingo, white handed gibbon, and helmeted curassow.

Zoos are a great way to spend a family vacation or just a great way to get involved in nature.

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