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Wildwood Boardwalk
Photo Credit Shannon Patrice

The award winning Wildwood Boardwalk is located in Wildwood, New Jersey. Just an hour and a half away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This has a great family setting, even though you don’t need a family to enjoy everything they have. It is still a great way to spend a weekend.  This place is just awesome! A two mile long oceanfront boardwalk! What could be better? Well how about 3 piers, 38 blocks of live entertainment, shopping, dining, 100s of rides and attractions. I could go on but I think you get it. And this is free admission. Yes you have to pay to go on the rides and play the games but you can come on in and soak up the vibe for free. If you love entertainment then this is the place for you.

Back In The Day

A whole boardwalk that takes you back in time to an old carnival feel. The rides you use to ride and the games you use to play. Bring on the nostalgia. With more than 100 rides and attractions you won’t be looking for anything to do. BUT if by chance you are then maybe you could walk on over to one of the only free beaches in New Jersey, which happens to have baby powder sand.

Wildwood Boardwalk

On the Piers

The Piers offers more than just roller coasters and an oceanfront waterpark. There is live entertainment, the sling shot, and helicopter rides. They even have the national anthem everyday at 11 am.

Wildwood Boardwalk
Photo By Haroula Karavangelos Rotondi

The Tram

Do you have trouble walking or you just don’t like walking or maybe you have went overboard shopping and you don’t want to carry all the bags back. You can take the tram. I mean wouldn’t you want to take the tram just because you can?

Wildwood Dog Park & Beach

Dog Park

Yes how can you have an award winning boardwalk without a dog park? Well they didn’t think you could either. So bring Fito down and see what he has.

Award Winning Nightlife

So if you like to enjoy every minute of your vacations and I hope you can, then this is a great place to spend your nights. You can do beach in the morning, pier during the day till you fall at night.


This is a great place to take the kids. There is much more than just the amusement park and water park. With that being said there is even enough to keep the kids entertained for a whole weekend and keep them wanting to come back for more.

Wildwood Boardwalk
Wildwood Boardwalk

Photo Op

There are plenty of photo opportunities here so don’t forget your camera and take a ton of pictures. This would be a great place to bring your Polaroid cameras and get old school looking photos.

Overnight in the Area

In New Jersey you can sleep in your car. The D.O.T. expects and wants sleepy drivers to use the rest areas, scenic overlooks, and Service Plazas to get the needed sleep.