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Gum Wall is located in Seattle, Washington. This is under Pike Place Market.

This is a wall covered in used chewing gum. That’s right used chewing gum. So get your gum and come add to the collection.

This got started in the 1990’s. The wall has only been cleaned once and that was in 2015. It took 130 hours and they removed 2300 pounds of gum.

The gum on the wall is a huge 8 foot tall and 54 feet wide and can be up to 6 inches thick in places.

The top estimate of wads of gum on the wall is about 1 million!

You will want to bring your chewing gum and something to stick it to the wall with, such as a very long stick. Do not forget to bring your camera to take a picture of your masterpiece.

There is also a smell that comes with a wall full of chewed gum. You might want to come in the morning before the gum gets heated up.

This is a very cool and somewhat disgusting off the wall attraction. This should be on everyone’s bucket list that loves weird things.

If you love to leave your mark on vacation this is the perfect unique way to do it.

The Gum Wall
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