St. Augustine Ghost Tours by Ghosts & Gravestones

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Photo By Michael Rivera – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

St. Augustine Ghost Tours by Ghosts & Gravestones is located in St. Augustine, Florida. Take this haunted tour of the Nation’s Oldest City. Listen to true stories that come from personal accounts, real life experiences, and research. This is a great history tour. There are a lot of sightings all over St. Augustine some people see things and some hear things. The best way to see a ghost is when you take a picture, so make sure you bring your camera or a gopro if you have one (I love my gopro). 

The Most Haunted Places in St. Augustine

St. Augustine Jail
  • St. Augustine Jail– The oldest jail in St.Augustine. You will enjoy a 45 minute tour of this jail and participate in an actual paranormal investigation.
Photo by Brittany Butters
  • Castillo De San Marcos– The fort has had reports of lights shining where there is no electricity to have power for a light. Also people videoing or taking pictures have gotten misty shapes, glowing orbs, and even apparitions. Some have even seen a Spanish soldier and even felt a touch.
Spanish Military Hospital
  • Spanish Military Hospital-While doing some fixes to the Hospital they found thousands of human bones under it. They found that the hospital was built on a Timucuan Burial Ground. Moans, screams, and cries are some of what has been heard here. People have seen Patients in gowns and much more here. When you walk in you feel a heavy presence with you.
Huguenot Cemetery
Photo credit By Ebyabe – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
  • Huguenot Cemetery– This cemetery is known to have ghosts. The judge and a little girl both that died of yellow fever. Actually a lot of people buried here had died of yellow fever. There have been a lot of of ghosts sightings here.
  • Casablanca Inn– A bed and breakfast, there has been reports of hearing kids voices and a misty shape that looks like a lady floating.
  • St. Augustine Lighthouse Park– A place where a few have lost their lives. There is no wonder why ghosts and voices have been heard here. It has also been on the show Ghosts Hunters.

You can save by getting the package tickets. This is for an all day and night also. With so much to see and hear. If you are into the supernatural this is a must do!