Spook Hill

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Spook Hill. Lake Wales, Florida
Photo By Averette at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0,

Spook Hill is a famous and somewhat mysterious roadside attraction located in Lake Wales, Florida. It’s known for its unique optical illusion that creates the perception of cars and objects rolling uphill when, in reality, they are moving downhill. This phenomenon has made Spook Hill a popular spot for visitors, curious tourists, and even skeptics. Located less than 30 minutes from Haines City this is a cool little stop to check out. This is now on the National Register of Historic places. If you love odd things you will need to check this out and if you have kids this is a definite must do.

Here’s how the experience typically works:

  1. Visitors park their vehicles at the bottom of Spook Hill, which is a section of a road.
  2. After putting their car in neutral, the vehicle appears to roll backward up the hill, seemingly defying gravity.
  3. Many people are intrigued by this oddity and come to witness the unusual optical illusion for themselves.

There are several legends and stories associated with Spook Hill, most of which involve a battle between a Native American chief and a giant alligator. Some people believe that the chief’s spirit still haunts the area, causing the gravitational anomaly.

The phenomenon at Spook Hill is often explained by experts as a result of the surrounding landscape, which creates an optical illusion that distorts perception. While the hill appears to go uphill, it actually has a slight downward slope, which tricks the eye into perceiving the opposite.

Spook Hill is open to the public, and there is no cost to visit. It’s a fun and quirky roadside attraction, perfect for a quick stop if you’re in the Lake Wales area and looking for a bit of entertainment and mystery.