New Castle Court House Museum

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Planning a Road Trip through New Castle, Delaware? Plan a stop at the New Castle Court House Museum and check out historic buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Learn some Delaware history by taking a tour. Built in 1732 New Castle Court House was Delaware’s first Court and State Capitol Building, and is registered as a National Historic Landmark. Great for the whole Family, enjoy a 45 minute tour of the museum. Admission is free, but make sure to use the restroom before you arrive, as there are no facilities here.

While in New Castle, Delaware; visit the 3 museums of the New Castle Historical Society: The Amstel House, The Dutch House, and The Old Library Museum. Travel down Delaware’s Bayshore Byway; a 50 mile scenic drive along the Delaware River and Bay Estuary. While Road Tripping through New Castle, Delaware stop and explore the New Castle Court House Museum.