Lake Clark National Park and Preserve

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Photo By National Park Service

Nestled in the remote wilderness of south-central Alaska, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve offers a uniquely diverse and pristine destination, making it a stop that is both captivating and rich in natural wonders.

Photo By NPS / K.Miller

What makes a visit to Lake Clark truly exceptional is its stunning combination of turquoise lakes, towering mountain ranges, and coastal landscapes.

Photo By NPS / K. Lewandowski

The park encompasses the sprawling Lake Clark, the rugged Chigmit Mountains, and a coastline along Cook Inlet. Visitors can explore diverse ecosystems, witness the annual salmon runs, and marvel at the expansive views from places like the Tuxedni Wilderness and Redoubt Mountain.

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve
NPS Photo/ W.Hill. 2016.

The remoteness, varied landscapes, and the opportunity to experience Alaska’s untamed beauty make Lake Clark National Park and Preserve an unparalleled and rewarding stop, offering a rare chance to connect with the raw wilderness of the Last Frontier.