Kolomoki Mounds State Park – Museum

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The Kolomoki Mounds State Park and Museum is located in Blakely, Georgia.

This is an old Indian Site that was occupied by Indians from 350 to 750 A.D. Here you will see some amazing artifacts.

This is a great place to try to see how things were back then. You can check out the Indian Mounds.

Fishing enthusiasts will delight in the convenience of dockside fishing, while those seeking a refreshing dip can enjoy swimming along the inviting sandy beach.

They offer a ton of outside activities. You can come camping and play mini golf while here. There are also hiking trails to spend your day. You can also go geocaching.

The park is just under 1300 acres and has picnic shelters, an amphitheater, a hammock campsite, pioneer campground, and even a group camp that sleeps 135 people.

Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop and check out the museum.

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