Horseshoe Bend

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Horseshoe Bend graces the landscape in Page, Arizona.

The primary activity at Horseshoe Bend is taking in the breathtaking views of the meandering Colorado River as it flows through the deep canyon. The overlook provides an iconic panoramic view of the bend, which is particularly stunning during sunrise and sunset.

Photography: Horseshoe Bend is a photographer’s paradise, offering the opportunity to capture incredible landscapes and the natural beauty of the area. Be sure to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the stunning vistas. You overlook the Colorado River as it turns in an awesome horseshoe curve.

A small fee of $10 per car (with higher rates for vans and buses carrying more than 14 people) is required. Holidays tend to be busier, so consider arriving early in the morning or later at night for a less crowded experience.

Know Before you go

  • walking shoes – no open toed or sandles, the round trip walk is 1.3 miles.
  • sunblock
  • water – plenty of water better to have to much

In the Area

Overnight in the Area