Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park

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Situated in the scenic town of Mackinaw City, Michigan, Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park stands as a unique and enriching destination that is unequivocally worth a stop. This living history park provides visitors with an immersive journey into the past. What sets it apart is the meticulously reconstructed 18th-century water-powered sawmill, a marvel of engineering that offers demonstrations showcasing the era’s lumber industry. Beyond the sawmill, the park features nature trails, canopy bridges, and informative exhibits that delve into the region’s ecology and history. The highlight is the Adventure Tour, allowing guests to experience the thrill of ascending a 50-foot high treetop bridge, providing stunning views of the surrounding landscape. With its blend of historical authenticity, outdoor adventure, and educational experiences, Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park offers a truly unique and multifaceted stop for those seeking a deeper understanding of Michigan’s cultural and natural heritage.