Fields of the Wood

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Fields of the Wood
Photo Credit By John Foxe – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Discover the wonderland of Fields of the Wood, an expansive outdoor biblical park nestled in Murphy, North Carolina. Spanning over 200 acres of valleys, streams, mountains, and woodlands, this enchanting park invites you to explore its diverse landscapes at no cost—making it an ideal destination for a few hours of exploration and spiritual reflection.

10 Commandments Mountain stands as an awe-inspiring highlight, boasting a colossal 300-foot-wide replica of the Ten Commandments etched onto the mountainside. Each letter towers at 5 feet tall, rendering this divine testament visible from a staggering 5,000 feet above ground.

Ascend the 326 steps to Prayer Mountain, a journey adorned with monuments illustrating profound biblical stories and teachings. Upon reaching the summit, marvel at the breathtaking panoramic vista from the New Testament Outlook, where, on clear days, the vistas stretch across North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.

The park unveils an array of spiritual markers, including concrete depictions of biblical narratives, the symbolic Rise And Shine Marker, a solemn Baptismal Pool, and the contemplative Garden Tomb and Golgotha Hill. Explore the trail of Old Timers, immerse in Biblical Teachings, and witness the grandeur of the Twenty-Third Psalm and One Shepherd monument alongside the towering All Nations Cross.

Unwind at the gift shop or café, and revel in the peaceful ambiance of this spiritually enriched haven. Whether you traverse the mountain pathways by foot or car, Fields of the Wood invites you to absorb the wisdom of the Bible amid breathtaking scenery.