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The City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri is an exciting attraction for adults and children alike. Bring the family, or friends, spend some time with your significant other, whoever you want to visit with you are sure to have a good time.

Bring out your inner child in this fully immersive City Museum. With four floors plus a season rooftop, there is so much to see, touch, and slide down!

Be ready to get down and play like kids again. With 30 plus slides, a treehouse, rocketship, ferris wheel, and a live circus just to name a few attractions the City Museum has to offer, you have to check this place out!

Let the kids loose in the skateless park, let them climb through airplanes, castles, bridges, ball pits and fire engines. Explore the indoor caves, climb to the top and take a 10-story spiral slide down.

Watch the circus perform and then even take a class! You’ll be juggling in no time. Peruse the many collections the museum boasts and visit Art City to make some art of your own.

The only thing that could make climbing, sliding, jumping around on art even awesomer, is doing it with a buzz. With a bar on the first floor, grab your alcoholic slushie and have a fun filled afternoon!

Take a tour or guide yourself, however you decide to see the City Museum you are going to have a great time! This unique road trip destination is exactly what you need to have some fun while passing through St. Louis, Missouri. Happy Travels 🙂