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Photo By Alice Daniels

Caspersen Beach is the best beach for finding shark teeth!!!! While you will not find a white sand beach here, in fact you’ll find the opposite: a black sand beach; you are also almost sure to find some shark teeth here.

If your coming here for shark teeth and I hope you are then you will want water shoes. The shells kill your feet!! You will also want something to find the teeth. You might get lucky and find some on shore but you will find more looking in the water. If you go out to the drop off where the shells collect (about knee deep depending on the tide) and grab from there you will find the most teeth. You should bring something to find them. You can make something homemade or you can buy something like a sifter. Even a mesh bag will work.

Don’t forget your sunscreen because once you start looking for the teeth you might not want to quit! You will also need something to keep your teeth with you. You can tie small drawstring bags to you waist so you don’t have to try to hold a bag and look for teeth at the same time; and you won’t have to watch your things on shore. Make sure you bring water to drink and maybe even a picnic lunch.

Photo By Alice Daniels

This is the perfect place to spend a day for kids and adults. I honestly think adults have more fun looking for the teeth than the kids. The kids seem to like to play in the sand and water more. At Caspersen Beach you are almost sure to find some shark teeth, so pack up the family and head to this Underrated Florida Beach! Share pictures of your finds with us in the comments below.