Cape May County Park & Zoo

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Cape May County Park & Zoo is located in Cape May Court House, New Jersey. This is less than 20 minutes from Wildwood Boardwalk. This is a FREE zoo. What is better than that? The fact that there is a ton of things to do here and it’s close to everything. They have  Safari Cafe, Playgrounds, Picnic Pavilions, 2 Gift Shops, a Wildlife Carousel, Disk Golf, and even a Bandshell. 


Some of the animals they have are the normal farm animals pigs, cows, goats. Then they also have Giraffes, Spotted Leopard, Kookaburra, Lion, and a Toco toucan. There are many more animals that is just a few.


  • Two-Toed Sloth Encounter
  • Capybara Encounter
  • Giraffe Encounter
  • Camel Encounter
  • Reptile Encounter
  • Meet and Greet: Willy the Pig

Before booking animal encounters, it’s essential to review the details and offerings included in each encounter.

Private Guided Zoo Tours

You can book a Private Guided Zoo Tour that will take place before the zoo opens and you will be guided by one of the knowledgeable zoo educators. This is a one of a kind 80- minute tour.

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