Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

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If you are planning a road trip to Boston, Massachusetts you have to pay a visit to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. A step back in time to the moment that changed the trajectory of America. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee means you won’t be disappointed!

Get the full museum experience with a fully guided tour by reenactors. Feel like you were really there. Explore the 18th century replica sailing vessel. See the last surviving tea chest from the Boston Tea Party, and you even get to dump tea into the sea yourself!

Join in the reenacting fun by taking part in the colonial town meeting. When you arrive at the meeting room you’ll be greeted by Samuel Adams and your 18th century host. Discover what role you will play in the 1773 rebellion!

Experience life aboard the 18th century sailing vessel. Stand beside fellow rebels as you throw tea overboard into the same waters where the Boston Tea Party took place over 240 years ago.

Be a fly on the wall during the debate on the morning following the Boston Tea Party. Learn the potential consequences of your bold rebellion with a 3D reenactment.

Immerse yourself into the 1775 Lexington Green battle, 16 months after the Boston Tea Party. The Minuteman Theatre’s panoramic movie screen puts you in the middle of the battle action. Watch soldiers march, muskets firing, horses galloping. Join the ranks and stand against the British.

“Your adventure isn’t complete without a spot of tea” the Abigail’s Tea Room & Terrace hosts five different teas with a historic twist. Enjoy a delicious lunch with a Sam Adams Beer or a nice red or white wine. Abigail’s has a waterfront, skyline view, and a welcoming charm. If you don’t have time for the tour at least stop for a nice tea and lunch at Abigail’s Tea Room.

You can’t leave without a souvenir so stop by the gift shop after lunch. Open to the public if you don’t have time for the tour grab some tea at Abigail’s and then grab your American Revolution souvenir on the way out.

Enjoy an afternoon stepping back into colonial America. Learn all there is to know about the Boston Tea Party with hands on fun. The brilliant costumed interpreters really bring the story of that fateful night in 1773 to life. Bring the family aboard the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. Happy Travels 🙂