Andrew Jackson Davis Building

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Photo By Alice Daniels

Situated in the charming town of Lake Helen, Florida, the Andrew Jackson Davis Building holds a unique charm and is unquestionably worth a stop for those intrigued by spiritualism. Named after the renowned spiritualist Andrew Jackson Davis, this historic building serves as a hub for spiritual gatherings and events. What sets it apart is the opportunity for spirit readings, allowing visitors to delve into the mystical realm and potentially connect with the spiritual energies that have been integral to the community’s history.  Every first Friday of the month, visitors can simply walk in and pay $5 for a spirit reading. As part of the community, the Andrew Jackson Davis Building contributes to the town’s vibrant spiritual heritage, offering an immersive experience that combines history, mysticism, and a sense of connection to something beyond the ordinary. Additionally, Lake Helen provides a quaint backdrop with its picturesque surroundings and other spiritual offerings, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a unique and enriching spiritual experience in the heart of Florida.