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The best way to spend your summer weekends is camping! Road trip to new destinations, explore new places, all while sleeping under the stars. Camping is a great inexpensive way to travel the country. The USA has a ton of unique campgrounds including National and State Parks all waiting to be explored. Whether you’re camping in the backyard or in the middle of nowhere, make sure you have these Camping Essentials!


The Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent is the perfect tent to take with you on your next outdoor adventure. This tent sets up in under two minutes with the innovative instant frame design for easy and fun camping. This 10-Person tent requires no assembly because the poles are pre-attached to the tent. All you need to do is just unfold and extend. The two-room cabin style tent comfortably fits two queen airbeds or up to 10 campers in sleeping bags on the floor.

Weather Resistant Tarp

World can be tough sometimes but so is tarpaulin. With 5 ml thickness and reinforced hem this tarp can offer protection when it rains or shine through tear weather crack resistant. Keep your tent protected and dry with this 10×16 Hyper Tough Tarp.

Tent Setup Kit

Quickly and securely pitch your tent and keep it in tip-top shape with the Coleman Setup and Cleaning Essentials Tent Kit.The maintenance set includes four 10-inch steel stakes a rubber mallet a nesting handheld broom and dustpan and a steel rod stake puller. All these important tools fit nicely inside the mesh carry bag for easy transport and storage.

50 Ft Extension Cord with 3 Outlets

The Kasonic 50 Feet multi outlet extension cord is the perfect cord for camping. Durable to the elements and camouflage to the ground. 50ft should be plenty long enough to reach your electric hookup at any campsite. The 3 plugins make it ideal for your tent. Lamp, charger, speaker, whatever you need you’ll have a plug!

Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

Wake up renewed and refreshed on the Ozark Trail™ Tritech™ QuadComfort™ Air Mattress! This 18 in. A tall Queen-sized bed promises strength and durability all night long. Its compact size and built-in pump make it quick and convenient for use whenever you need it.

Queen Bed-in-A-Bag with Pillow

Take the Ozark Trail Queen Bed-In-A-Bag with you wherever your next outdoor adventure leads you. This Bed-In-A-Bag fits features adjustable straps that will keep the bed skirt and mattress secure all night long. Stay warm throughout the night with the hooded top and the extra foot room that same comfort as your own bed at home. This Bed-In-A-Bag comes with pillows and side storage pockets making the night even more enjoyable.

Folding Chair

The Ozark Trail Premium Mesh Chair is the perfect cozy camping seat. The chair has a mesh back for breathability, two cup holders of sizes 16 oz and 32 oz to hold your refreshments. The carry strap on the chair frame lets you easily fold and carry it with you on the go.


Add further comfort and convenience to your camping trip with the Ozark Trail 5-Foot Center Half Folding Table. The lightweight folding table is designed with a built-in carry handle and half fold design for easy transport. The rust-resistant steel frame is perfect for outdoor use. and don’t worry about messes with the stain resistant top. The sturdy steel frame with push button folding makes for a sturdy tabletop.

Tripod Grill

Grill dinner over the campfire and then tell stories by lantern light with help from the Coleman Tripod Grill and Lantern Hanger. The included grill grate is 17 inches in diameter and is easily adjustable allowing you to move the cooking height up or down depending on the height of the fire itself. This lightweight tripod is easy to transport and the steel legs are shock corded together creating a tight bundle that can be packed away easily. A Tripod Grill is exactly what you need for you next camping trip.


Not to be dramatic but a Torch is the perfect fire starting tool. Some firewood, kindling, a little lighter fluid, and a torch? No way you can’t start a campfire fast! Gather all your campfire tools including this Bernzomatic Torch Kit With Built In Ignition.

Camping Cookware

Grab this Camping Cookware Set Organizer Bag, and fill it with all of your camping cooking tools. Cutting board, knives, spatula, ladle, tongs, and whatever else you’ll need for cooking around the campfire. The perfect bag to keep all your cooking essentials organized and ready to go!

Disposable Aluminum Pans

Make campfire cooking easy with these disposable foil containers. Make campfire queso or s’mores dip. Grill veggies or tacos. Make scrambled eggs or asparagus. The options are endless and the mess is disposable!

Hot Plate

Camping can be unpredictable, make sure you can still cook without a campfire. This Portable Single Burner is perfect for that. Designed with a convenient temperature dial to adjust the heat to the perfect setting the burner will allow you to cook almost anything you want!


This convenient rolling cooler is perfect for your next camping trip. It holds a ton but is still conveniently portable. The Cool Riser Technology® will keep your food, drinks and snacks cold for hours while the two self-draining drink holders keep your beverages within arm’s reach. With the locking telescoping handle you can push or pull your new Igloo 60 qt. Laguna rolling Cooler to your next adventure!

Picnic Tablecloth

When camping make sure to bring a tablecloth for your picnic table! The elastic picnic table covers, with bench covers are the best. They don’t fly away and they keep your table and benches clean and easy to wipe down. Find the perfect color and pattern for your camping vibe.


Camping can be unpredictable. For the times you can’t or don’t want to use electricity; make sure you have some battery operated lanterns! This portable lighting set is perfect for your next camping trip.

Water Storage Container

Finding fresh water is the last thing you should worry about when your out traversing the back country or camping with family and friends. The contoured built-in handle makes it easy to carry in and out of camp. The Original AquaTainer is stackable when empty and holds 7 gallons when full. The hideaway spout is designed for convenient dispensing when needed and reverses for safe damage-free transport and storage. This food safe and BPA-free water container will meet all your water needs for years to come.

Collapsible Sink

The Ozark Trail White Collapsible Sink is the perfect accessory for keeping things clean when you’re camping. The easy-to-use collapsible sink is lightweight and durable making it a must-have for your travels. The collapsible plastic basin stores easily and takes up very little space. Use it to keep your camping dishes and utensils clean and then put the plastic and silicone bowl in your tent so you can wash your face and hands before lights out.

Disposable Dinnerware

The key to happiness while camping is dirtying as little dishes as possible. So make sure you have plenty of disposable plates, bowls, silverware, cups, and paper towel on hand as possible.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Enjoy A Beautiful Night Around the Fire Pit Roasting Marshmallows. Choose Your Roasting Stick and grab the perfect seat far enough from the fire-pit! With a range of 34 inches you can rest assured that your kids will be seated at safe distance from the campfire when using our s’mores sticks making them the ideal marshmallow and hot dog sticks for campfire adventures!

Fire Wood

You can’t have a campfire without fire wood and you can’t go camping without having a campfire, so you’re gonna need some wood. If your camping somewhere with access to cutting and gathering your own firewood you have it made! At most places you have to bring your own wood or buy it from them. Buying firewood at a campground tends to be the most expensive option. Without fail, houses near your campground will have firewood for sale by the road, this always ends up being the cheapest option. Be prepared to spend some money on firewood.

Now that you have everything you need for you next camping trip, let’s start planning your next adventure! For first time campers we recommend staying at a campground with full amenities. Let you and the family get used to camping before you strand yourselves in the woods with no electricity or running water. You’ll enjoy the bathhouses, electric hookups, and other amenities campgrounds nationwide offer. Find the perfect camping getaway for you and your family; whether it’s lakeside or poolside. Happy Camping 🙂

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